Dr. Ryan Hibbs

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

As an Associate Professor in the Department of Neuroscience and Biophysics at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Dr. Hibbs and his research group have notably illuminated the mechanisms of chemical neurotransmission through high resolution 3D atomic structures. Hibbs’ team maintains a specific focus on receptors that mediate both excitatory and inhibitory actions when drugs are introduced into the nervous system. These important findings showcase how brain receptors interact with nicotine and anesthetic drugs, which will undoubtedly be of substantial importance to future drug design developments.

“Ryan has surely revolutionized the field of receptor research,” said Dr. Catherine J. Murphy, Chair of The Welch Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board. “This outstanding achievement, coupled with his skills as both a teacher and mentor have made him a stand-out in the chemical biology world.”

Hibbs’ studies have been featured in respected publications including Neuron, Nature, Cell, and Structure. Previous awards received by Dr. Hibbs include the Klingenstein-Simons Award in the Neurosciences, the McKnight Scholar Award, and the UC San Diego Outstanding Alumnus Award, among numerous research grants. He currently serves on the Review Board for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Cryo EM Project Proposals and has previously served on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of General Physiology. He is a member of the Society for Neuroscience and the Biophysical Society.