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2024 Welch Conference Registration is Open

The Welch Foundation Announces 2024 Welch Award Recipient

Harvard University's Professor Eric N. Jacobsen to be honored for advancements in chemical research.
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The Welch Foundation Announces More Than $40 Million in Texas Research Grant and Program Funding

2024 funding includes research grants, equipment grants, postdoctoral fellowships and a commitment to the Texas A&M Foundation
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The Welch Foundation and Jon Hagler ’58 Commit $15 Million to the Texas A&M Foundation

Funding aims to bring leading chemistry scholars to Texas A&M University’s Hagler Institute for Advanced Study.
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The Welch Foundation Welcomes Squire J. Booker to the Scientific Advisory Board

We look forward to the insight and experience Professor Booker will bring to the Scientific Advisory Board.
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The Welch Foundation Officially Announces Four New Programs

The Welch Foundation introduced four new programs at the start of the 2023 Welch Conference. Ushering in a new age for the Foundation, the programs signify an exciting time for chemistry research in the state of Texas.
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